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Differential Equation MCQs 01 consist of most repeated questions of all kinds of tests of mathematics. Prepare them to get 100%  marks in this subject.

Differential Equation MCQs

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1. Solving  X” + 6X’ +9X = 0 with X(0) = 2 and X'(0)=0 is


2. For solving y” – y’ + 2y =0 with y(0)=0 , y(1)=0 is


3. A general solution of nth order differential Equation contains_____ arbitrary constants


4. A homogeneous DE always


5. The family of curves represented by DE xdx + ydy = 0 is that of


6. The degree of DE of all tangent lines to parabola \dpi{120} \small y^2=4ax is


7. A general solution of 4th order DE contains__________ constants.


8. The order of DE of family of circles touching a fixed straight line passing through origin is


9. A particular solution of nth order differential Equation contains_____ arbitrary constants


10. Differential Equation of 1st degree


11. The differential Equation \dpi{120} \small y'+y=xy^3 may be called as linear equation of


12. The function obtained after solving a DE is known as____

choose the odd are out.


13. A general solution of 3rd order differential Equation contains________ constants


14. The order of DE of ellipse whose major and minor axis are along x-axis and y-axis respectively is


15. The differential Equation \dpi{120} \small y''+y-e^y=0 is


16. Infinitely many DE’s have same integrating factor.  The statement is


17. A primitive of ODE is


18. If n is the degree of given DE then



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