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Algebra MCQs Test 03

Algebra MCQs Test 03

This test of algebra consist of most important 10 multiple choice question. Attempt these multiples and compare your answers with coorect answers.

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Algebra MCQs Test 03

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1. Let H and G be the two groups and H⊆G then


2. Every group of order prime is


3. If H is a normal subgroup of G then


4. A homomorphic image of cyclic group is


5. Every group of order square of prime number is known as


6. Let (Z,+) and (E,+) be the groups of integers and even numbers with mappings F:Z→E s.t f(x)=2x for all x∈ Z then function  f is known as


7. An endomorphism \phi :G\rightarrow G is said to be automorphism if \phi is


8. If \Psi: A\rightarrow B be a function and for a \in A,b \in B\,\ ,\Psi(a)\neq \Psi (b)\,\ for \,\ a \neq b then function is known as



Subgroup G generated by all commutators [u, v] such that u,v∈G then it is known as


10. Let H be a subgroup of G and for fixed element of G then we define K=hgh^{-1}=\left \{ghg^{-1}: h\in H \right \} then K is


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