Algebra MCQs Test 05

algebra mcqs test 05
algebra mcqs test 05

Algebra MCQs Test 05

3000+ Mathematics all subject MCQs with their Answeers

This test of algebra consist of most important 10 multiple choice question. Attempt these multiples and compare your answers with correct answers.

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1. Any two conjugate subgroups have same


2. Equivalence relation between subgroups of a group is a relation


3. Group obtained by the direct product of sylow- p group is


4. Aytomorphism group of a finite group is


5. Every subgroup of an abelian group is


6. The set A(G) of all automorphism ofa group is


7. Every group of order P^6 where P is a prime number  is


8. Two conjugate subgroups are


9. Automorphism and inner automorphism of a group G are


10. The intersection of any collection of normal subgroups of a group is


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