Problems of train mcqs test 01

1. A two-digit number exceeds the sum of the digits of that number by 18. If the digit at the unit’s place is
double the digit in the ten’s place, what is the number?



2. The difference between two integers is 5. Their product is 500. Find the numbers:


3. The sum of the squares of three consecutive natural numbers is 2030. What is the middle number?


4. The sum of two numbers is 25 and their difference is 13. Find their product.


5. .If the difference of two numbers is 3 and the difference of their squetes is 39, then the larger number is:


6. The sum of three consecutive numbers is 87. The greatest among three number is:



7. . The sum of two numbers is 22. Five times one number is equal to 6 times the other. The bigger of the
two numbers is:


8. What is the sum of two consecutive even numbers, the difference of whose squares is 84?


9. Two numbers differs by 5. If their product is 336, then the sum of the two numbers is:


10. If the sum of two numbers is 33 and.their difference is 15, the smaller number is:


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