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Simplification mcqs test 12

1. A, B, C hired a car for Rs.520 and used it for 7, 8 and 11 hours respectively. Hire charges paid by B
are ?



2. A, B and C enter into a partnership and their shares are in the ratio 1/2,1/3,1/4. .After 2 months, A
withdraws half of his capital and after 10 months, a profit of Rs.378 is divided among them. What is
B’s share?


3. If 6 years are subtracted from the present age of Gulshan and the remainder is divided by 18, then the
present age of his grandson Ali is obtained. If Ali is,2 years younger to Moeen whose age is 5 years,
then what is Gulshan’s present age?


4. A. B and C enter into a partnership. A invests 3 times as much as B invests and B invest two-third of
what C invests. At the end of the year, the profit earned is Rs.6600. What is the share of B?


5. In a business, A and C invested amounts in the ratio 2:1, whereas the ratio between amounts invested
by A and B was 3:2. If Rs.157300 was their profit, how much amount did B receive?


6. Ali, Kamal and Waleed invested Rs.8000, Rs.4000 and Rs.8000 respectively in a business. Ali left
after six months. If after 8 months, there was a gain of Rs.4005, then what will be the share of Kamal?


7. Reema and Shazia are partners in a bu┼činess. Reema invests Rs.35000 for 8 months and Shazia
invests Rs.42000 for 10 months: Out of a profit of Rs.31570, Reema’s share is


8. Kamal started a business investing Rs.9000. After five months, Shahid joined with a capital of
Rs.8000. If at the end of the year, they earn a profit of Rs.6970, then what will be share of Shahid in
the profit?


9. Three partners A, B, C start a business. Twice A’s capital is equal to thrice, B’s capital and B’s capital
is four times C’s capital. Out of a total profit of Rs.16500 at the end of year, B’s share is:


10. A, B, C subscribe Rs.50000 for a business. A subscribes Rs.4000 more than B and B Rs.5000 more
than C. Out of a total profit of Rs.35000, A receives:


11. A and B entered a partnership investing Rs. 16000 and Rs.12000 respectively. After 3 months, A
withdraw Rs.5000 while B invested Rs.5000 more. After 3 months, C joins the business with a capital
Rs.21000. The share of B exceeds that of C, out of a total profit of Rs.26400 after one year by:


12. A,B and C enter into a partnership in the ratio 7/2:4/3:6/5. After 4 months, A increases his share by
50%. If the total profit at the end of one year be Rs.21600, then B’s share in the profit is:


13. A, B and C enter into a partnership. A invests some money at the beginning, B invests double the
amount after 6 months and C invest thrice the amount after 8 months. If the annual profit be C’s share is:


14. A father said to his son, “| was as old as you are at present at the time of your birth.” if the ttners age
is 38 years now, the son’s age five years back was:


15. Ali and Danish started a business investing Rs.22500 and Rs.35000 respectively. Out of a total profit
of Rs.13800, Danish’s share is:


16. Four milkmen rented a pasture. A grazed 24 cows for 3 months; B 10 cows for 5 months; C 35 cows
for 4 months and D 21 cows for 3 months. If A’s share of rent is Rs.720, find the total rent of the field:


17. Nadia’s father was 38 years of age when she was born while her mother was 36 years old when her
brother four years younger to her was born. What is the difference between the ages of her parents?


18. In 10 years, A will be twice as old as B was 10 years ago. If A is now 9 years older than B, the preset
age of B is:


19. A and B started a business in partnership investing Rs.20000 and Rs.15000 respectively. After six
months, C joined them with Rs.20000. What will be B’s share in the total profit of Rs.25000 earned at
the end of 2 years from the starting of the businesses?


20. A person was asked to state his age in years. His reply was, take my age three years hence
multiply it by 3 and then subtract three times my age three years ago and you will know how old
am?” What was the age of the person?


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