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Stock and Shares mcqs test 01

1. Find the annual income derived from Rs.2500, 8% stock at 106 ?


2. A 6% stock yields 8%. The market value of the stock is:


3. How many shares of market value Rs.25 each can be purchased for Rs.12750, brokerage being 2%?


4. By investing Rs.1620 in 8% stock, Ali earns Rs.135. The stock is then quoted at:


5. A man invested Rs.14400 in Rs.100 shares of a company at 200 premium. If the company declares
5% dividend at the end of the year, then how much does he get?


6. To produce an annual income of RS.1200 from a 12% stock at 90, the amount of stock needed is:


7. The cash realized on selling a 14% stock at Rs.106.25, brokerage being 4% is:


8. Find the cost of 96 shares of Rs.10 each at % discount, brokerage being per share:


9. Find the cash required to purchase Rs.3200, 7.5% stock at 107, brokerage 4%:


10. The cost price of a Rs.100 stock at 4 discount, when brokerage is 4% is:


11. A 9% stock yields 8%. The market value of the stock is:


12. A invested some money in 10% stock at 96. If B wants to invest in an equally good 12% stock, he
must purchase a stock.worth of:


13. A 12% stock yielding 10% is quoted at


14. A man buys Rs.50 shares in a company which pays 10% dividend. If the man gets 12.5% on his
investment, at what price did he buy the shares?


15. By investing in 16 2/3% stock at 54, one earns Rs.1500. The investment made is:


16. Ahmed invests a part of Rs.12000 in,12% stock at Rs. 120 and the remainder in 15% stock at Rs.125.
If his total dividend per annum is Rs.360, how much does he invest in 12% stock at Rs.120?


17. A man invested Rs.4455 in Rs.10 shares quoted at R$8.25. If the rate of dividend be 12%, his annual
income is:


18. A man invested Rs.1552 in a stock at 97 to obtain an income of Rs.128. The dividend from the stock


19. A man bought 20 shares of Rs.50 at 5 discount, the rate of dividend being 13.5%. The rate of interest
obtained is:


20. A man buys Rs.20 shares paying 9% dividend. The man wants to have an interest of 12% on his
money. The market value of each share is:


21. A man invests in a 16% stock at 128. The interest obtained by him is:


22. The income derived from a Rs.100, 13% stock at Rs.105, is:


23. In order to obtain an income oft RS.650 from 10% stock at Rs.96, one must make an investment of ?


24. Rs.9800 are invested partly in 9% stock at 75 and 10% at 80 to Nave equal amount of incomes. The
investment in 9% stock is:


25. The market value of a 10.5% stock, in which an income of Rs.756 is derived by investing Rs 9000,
brokerage being % is:


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