True Discount mcqs test 01

1. The simple interest and the true discount on a certain sum for a given time and at a given rate are
Rs.85 and Rs.80 respectively. The sum is:


2. Rs. 20 is the true discount on Rs.260 due after a certain time. What will be the true discount on the
same sum due after half of the former time, the rate of interest being the same?


3. A man wants to sell his scooter. There are two offers, one at Rs.12000 cash and the other at a credit
of Rs.12880 to be paid after 8 months, money being at 18% per annum. Which is the better offer?


4. The present worth of Rs.1404 due in two equal Hal-yearly installment at 8% per annum simple
interest is:


5. The true discount on a bill due 9 months hence at 12% per annum is Rs.540. Find the amount of the
bill and its present worth.



6. If Rs.10 be allowed as a true discount on a bill of Rs.110 due at the end of a certain time, then the
discount allowed on the same sum due at the end of double the time is:


7. The true discount on a bill due 9 months hence at 16% per annum is Rs.189. The amount of the bill is:


8. the time discount on a sum due 2 years hence at 14% per annum be Rs.168, the sum due is:


9. A trader owes a merchant Rs.10028 due one year hence. the trader wants to settle the account after
3 months. If the rate of interest is 12% per annum, how much cash should he pay?


10. Find the preset worth of Rs.930 due 3.years hence at 8% per annum ?


11. The true discount on Rs.2562 due 4 month hence is Rs.122. The rate percent is ?


12. Goods were bought for Rs.600 and sold the same day for Rs.688.50 at a credit of 9 months and thus
gaining 2%. The rate of interest per annum is:


13. A Owes B, Rs.1573 payable 1.5 years hence. Also B owes A, Rs.1444.50 payable 8 months forthwith,
keeping 14% as the rate of interest, then who should pay and how much?


14. The preset worth of Rs.2310 due 2 2 years hence, the rate of interest being 15% per annum is:


15. A man buys a watch for Rs.1950 in cash and sells it for Rs.2200 at a credit of one year, If the rate of
interest 10% per annum, the man gains:


16. The true discount on Rs.1760 due after a certain time at 12% per annum is Rs.160. The time after
which it is due is:


17. The interest on Rs.750 for 2 years is the same as the true discount on Rs.960 due 2 years hence. If
the rate of interest is the same in both cases, it is:


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