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Mathematics Mcqs is a bank of mcqs of all the subjects of mathematics. These mcqs were prepared according to the point of view of NTS, PPSC, FPSC and all other tests. After preparing these mcqs, you will find that most of these mcqs were repeated in all above mentioned tests.

PPSC/NTS advanced math mcqs

  • Problem of train mcqs
  • Problem of ages mcqs
  • Problem of Partnership mcqs
  • Chain rule mcqs
  • Boats streams mcqs
  • Pipes and Cisterns mcqs
  • Races and games of skills mcqs
  • Stock and shares mcqs
  • Arithmetic mcqs
  • HCF and LCM mcqs
  • Square root mcqs
  • Fractions and Decimals mcqs
  • Percentage mcqs
  • Ratio and proportions mcqs
  • Average mcqs
  • Algebra mcqs
  • Equations mcqs
  • Geometry ( Line and angles) mcqs
  • Triangles mcqs
  • Quadrilaterals and Polygons mcqs
  • Circles mcqs
  • Area mcqs
  • Solid Geometry mcqs
  • Coordinate Geometry Mcqs
  • Counting and Probability Mcqs
  • Interpretation of Data Mcqs
  • Simplification quantitative mcqs
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