this section consist of FSC(Second Year) Math all definitions chapter wise.

Parametric Function

In this post we discuss about Parametric Function. It can be defined as " Sometime a curve is described by expressing both x and y as function of a third variable "t" or "θ" which is called parameter. The equations of the type x=f(t) and y=g(t) are called the parametric equations of the curve. The functions of the form given below are called Parametric Functions (1)  x =a t 2                                        (2)     x = a cos t       y = at                                                   y = a sin t  (3)   x = a cos θ                                  (4)   x = a sec θ        y = a sin θ                                          y = a tan θ

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Hyperbolic Functions

In this post we define Hyperbolic  Functions and also discuss their domains and ranges. The  hyperbolic Functions have same properties that resembles to those of trigonometric functions. Functions                       Formulas y = Sinh x y = Cosh x  , Range=[1,+) y = Tanh x     y = Coseh x   y = Sech x    y = Coth x     

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Trigonometric Functions

Trigonometric Functions We denote and define trigonometric functions as follows. Function Domain Range Y=Sinx R -1  ≤ Y ≤  1 Y=Cosx R -1 ≤  Y ≤  1 Y=Tanx {x: x ∈ R and x ≠(2n+1) } R Y=Cotx {x: x ∈ R and x ≠n } R Y=Secx {x: x∈ R and x≠(2n+1) } y ≥1,  y ≤  -1 Y=Cosecx {x: x∈R and x≠n } y ≥1,  y ≤ -1  

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