algebra mcqs 01

Algebra mcqs tests 01 consist of 10 most important multiple choice questions. Prepare these questions for better results and also you can prepare definitions of algebra.

Algebra MCQs Test 01

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1. \dpi{120} \small \forall \,\,\, a \in A The R is a reflexive relation \dpi{120} \small \bigleftrightarow\dpi{120} \small \Leftrightarrow


2. for a fixed point \dpi{120} \small c \in R \,\ and \,\ \phi_c=(x,c) is known as


3. Relation on R is transitive if \dpi{120} \small (a, b) \in R,(b, c) \in R then


4. Relation R is symmetric if \dpi{120} \small a, b\in A \,\,\, and \,\,\,\ (a, b) \in R then


5. A relation is called anti-symmetric if \dpi{120} \small (a, b) \in R \,\,\ and \,\,\ (b, a) \in R implies


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