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Algebra mcqs tests 06

algebra mcqs test 06



Algebra mcqs tests 06 consist of 10 most important multiple choice questions. Prepare these questions for better results and also you can prepare definitions of algebra.

Algebra MCQs Test 06

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1. If X and Y are two sets s.t n(x)=17, n(Y)=23 and n(X∪Y)=38 then n(X∩Y)=?


2. Let G be an infinite cyclic group . Then the number of generators of G are


3. Let G be a cyclic group of order 17. The number of subgroups of G are


4. Let G be a cyclic group . Then which of the following cab be order of G.


5. which of the following is even permutation


6. Number of non-empty subsets of the set {1,2,3,4}


7. R+ is a group of non-zero positive real number under multiplication. Then which of the following group under addition is isomorphic to R+


8. Let G be a group and a,b ∈ G then order of a^{-1} =


9. The group in which every element except the identity element has infinite order is called


10. Let X has n elements. The Set Sn of all permutations of X is a group w.r.t to mappings


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