Ordinary differential Equations

differential equations

In the post, we define Ordinary differential Equations and also provide related examples so that the learners van understand the concept easily.

Ordinary differential Equations

A differential equation in which ordinary derivatives of the dependent variables with respect to only one independent variable occur is called ordinary differential equations.


  1. \frac{dy}{dx}+ycosx=sinx
  2.                \frac{dy}{dx}=7x+5
  3. \frac{dy}{dx}=cosx
  4. \frac{d^2y}{dx^2}+xy \left ( \frac{dy}{dx} \right )^2=0
  5. \left [1+ \left (\frac{dy}{dx} \right )^2 \right ]^{3/2}=\frac{d^2y}{dx^2}
  6. \frac{dy}{dx} +\left [1+ \left (\frac{dy}{dx} \right )^2 \right ]^{3/2}=0

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