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Problems of train mcqs test 02

1. A speed of 14 meters per second is the same as ?


2. When the numerator of a fraction increases by 4, the fraction increases by 2/3 The denominator of the
fraction is:


3. A train 280 meter long, running with a speed of 63 km/hr will pass a tree in:


4. How long does a train 110 meters long running at the speed of 72 km/h take to cross a bridge 132
meters in length?


5. In a pair of fractions, fraction A is twice the fraction B and the product of two fractions is 2/25 What is
the value of fraction A?




6. A train 800 meters long is running at a speed of 78 km/hr. If it crosses a tunnel in one minute, then the
length of the tunnel is:


7. A train 132 meter long passes a telegraph pole in 6 seconds. Find the speed of the train.


8. A train passes a station platform in 36 seconds and a man standing on the platform in 20 seconds. If
the speed of the train is 54 km/h, what is the length of the platform?


9. A train of length of 150 meters takes 40.5 seconds to cross a tunnel of length 300 meters. What is the
speed of the train in km/h?


10. ne sum of three numbers is 136. If the ratio between first and second be 2:3 and that-between second
.and third is 5:3, then the second number is ?


11. The product of two fractions is 14/15 and their quotient is 35/24 . The greater fraction is:



12. The denominator of a fraction is 3 more than the numerator. If the numerator as well as the
denominator is increased by 1- 1/4, the fraction becomes 4 What was the original fraction?



13. The sum of the numerator and denominator of a fraction is 11. If 1 is added to the numerator and 2 is subtracted from the denominator, it becomes The fraction:




14. A train moves with a speed of 108 Km/h. lts speed in meters per second is:


15. A goods train runs at the speed of 72 km/h and crosses a 250 m long platform in 26 seconds. What is
the length of the goods train?


16. The length of the bridge, which a train 130 meters long and traveling at 45 km/h can cross in 30
seconds is:


17. In what time will a train 100 meterlong cross an electric pole, if speed is 144 km/h?


18. A train 360 meter long is running at ą speed of 45 km/h. In what time willit pass a bridge 140 meter



19. A train covers: distance. of 12 km in 10 minutes. If it takes 6 seconds to pass telegraph post, then
the length of the train is:


20. A train 240 meter long passed a pole in 24 seconds. How long will it take to pass a platform 650 meter



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