Real Analysis MCQs with answers

Real Analysis MCQs with answers

Real Analysis MCQs with answers
Real Analysis MCQs with answers

3000+ Mathematics all subject MCQs with their Answeers

Real Analysis MCQs consist of 69 most repeated and most important questions. So prepare real analysis to attempt these questions. You can also get their answers by clicking on submit button. Finally you will get all correct answers. Good luck

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1. If S={1\n | n £ N } the g.l.b of S is


2. If function is Reimanns integrable on [ a, b] then function must be


3. Bounded monotonic sequence will be increasing if it converges to its


4. The function f(x)= x + 1/x is uniformly continuous on


5. If there exists a bijection of N onto S then set is known as


6. Set of numbers which have ordered fields


7. The greatest lower bound of a set


8. In a complete metric space


9. The set of all real algebric numbers is


10. For every closed subset of R , the real line is


11. {\dpi{120} \small {1 + (-1)^n }} is


12. If a function is strictly monotone then It is


13. The set of real number can be denoted as


14. Supremum and infimum of an empty set is


15. For two real numbers x and y with x > 0 , there exist a natural number n s.t


16. If f'(x) exists then it is constant function


17. An improper Reimann Integral can without infinite


18. An improper Reimann Integral can without infinite


19. A sequence is a function whose domain is


20. Sup (X) =


21. If L is the tangent line to a function f at x = a then


22. Natural Numbers are


23. (-∞)+(+∞)=


24. If f is differentiable in [ a, b] then it is monotonically decreasing if


25. Every pair of real numbers a and b satisfied the following conditions a >  b, a = b, a < b . This property known as


26. (Q, +, .) is


27. A continuous function from bounded [a , b] to R


28. A metric (X,d) is complete if every cauchy sequence in X


29. Real number system consist of


30. Bounded monotonic sequence will be decreasing if it converges to its


31. A sequence is said to be divergent if it is


32. No polynomial of degree _________ is Lipschitzian on R .


33. Set of natural number is


34. Cauchy sequence of real numbers is


35. what is supremum and infimum of R is


36. Every constant sequence is


37. The converse of Cauchy integral theorem is known as


38. which series is divergent series


39. If we have an inflection point x = a then


40. The signm function is not continuous at


41. Every bounded sequence has a subsequence which


42. Natural numbers and integers are


43. Supremum and infimum of \dpi{120} \small { (-1)^x } : x \in N


44. The set of all ___________ numbers form a sequence.


45. Let S be a set of real numbers. Then S has a supremum if S has


46. If f is differentiable in [ a, b] then it is monotonically increasing if


47. which of the following statements is not correct ?


48. Every infinite sequence in a compact metric space has a subsequence which


49. \dpi{120} \small \frac{(-1) ^{n-1}}{n!} converges to limit


50. Every subset of a finite set is


51. Which of the following has not multiplicative inverse


52. A convergent sequence converges to


53. If \dpi{120} \small x , y \in R then


54. The range of sequence


55. Every superset of an infinite set is


56. Every non empty bounded set of real numbers has a infimum . This property is referred to as


57. If least upper bound exists  then it is


58. If a sequence is unbounded or it does not converge then this sequence is called


59. which function is continuous everywhere


60. The sequence of real numbers is ________ if and only if it is cauchy sequence.


61. If f is contractive then f is


62. which of the following is not countable set


63. If g.l.b of a set belong to the set then


64. If f is differentiable at x ε [ a, b] then f at x is


65. The set of negative integers is


66. The set of all real transcendental numbers is


67. Set Q of the all rational numbers is


68. The intersection of two infinite sets is


69. If f is real valued and monotonic on [a , b] then f is


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